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Our Analytical Laboratory is located in a custom-built 17,000 square foot facility at 1914 Holloway Drive Holt, Michigan 48842. Within the building are seven individual specialized laboratories, each designed to meet the stringent requirements of our clients. Our goal is to provide high quality rapid turn around analytical services at a reasonable price.


Fibertec has one of the larger fleets of Geoprobes in the Midwest with eight operating units, five of which specialize in direct push or auger applications. We have a truck mounted unit, a skid steer mounted unit and a cart probe useful for those tight locations and shallow depths. We also have 2 air knife units in our fleet for clearing utilities, private utility locating capabilities using EM and GPR and the experience and resources to pump remediation materials into the ground.

Fibertec has been performing geoprobe and other drilling services since 1994. We pride ourselves on the experience and specializations we offer our clients.


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