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Fibertec's Northern Michigan facility, located in Cadillac, offers several analysis tailored for the oil and gas community. We also provide sample bottles and serve as a drop off site for analytical samples destined for the Holt location.

Just a few of the services we provide include:
  • Natural Gas C6+ Analysis via GPA 2261
  • EPA UIC Brine Analysis
  • Oil Field Brine Analysis
  • Mineral Pattern Analysis
  • BHI (aka SI-189)
  • Semi-Annual Analysis for Monitoring Wells - Chloride and Conductivity
  • Analysis for Spills/Remediation - BTEX, PNAs, Glycols, Chloride.
We may also be able to help with other requirements, specific to your location. Please call Elizabeth Schweitzer Griswold at (231) 775-8368 for a consultation.

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