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Fibertec, Inc. was incorporated in 1987 as an asbestos consulting firm. Over the years, we have branched out in order to better serve the needs of our clients. In 2003, Fibertec, Inc. Asbestos and Environmental Hygiene Services Department became a subsidiary of Fibertec, Inc. and took the name Fibertec Industrial Hygiene Services, Inc. or Fibertec IHS. We have become a recognized leader in the application of sound industrial hygiene principles to air quality, mold, asbestos lead, methamphetamine and other environmental issues. Our staff provides asbestos, lead, industrial hygiene and indoor air quality testing, asbestos inspections, lead inspections, lead risk assessments, and consulting services and together have a combined experience of over one hundred thirty years. Fibertec IHS upholds a rigorous quality control/assurance program and maintains a NVLAP accredited bulk asbestos testing laboratory (#101510-0). This laboratory uses PLM to identify asbestos in building material samples. Our employees are trained, knowledgeable, and State of Michigan accredited professionals who continually strive to provide our clients with quality high value service. We can provide expert witness testimony and have a comprehensive understanding of the ever changing regulations. Combining our diverse services and professionalism makes us a valuable asset to our clients.

Fibertec IHS offers analysis vital to our clients in the field of industrial hygiene. These services include: Asbestos Analysis, Airborne Fiber Analysis and Indoor Air Quality. Fibertec IHS operates two distinct laboratories with segregated air handling systems, negative pressure rooms and a host of specialized analytical equipment to ensure the highest quality analyses of our clients bulk asbestos, Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM) and indoor air quality (mold) samples. FIHS continually meets or exceeds client expectations regarding project turn around time. We can provide sample analysis in as little as 1 hour in special circumstances and 24 hour to 5 day turnaround as needed. Weekend analysis is also available if arranged a minimum of one week prior to sample arrival.

In addition, Fibertec IHS staff provides a wide array of training services. Our experience, expertise and practical knowledge can be passed on to you through our wide variety of training programs. Please see the Training section for information on Fibertec training services including EPA RRP Certified Renovator Training, Asbestos Building Inspector Initial, and Refresher Training and Asbestos and Lead Hazard Awareness Training among many others. Individualized training services are also provided.

Strategically located in mid Michigan, within the custom built 17,000 square foot facility at 1914 Holloway Drive, Holt, Fibertec IHS is well suited to supply consulting and laboratory services to a regional audience with a focus on the concerns of our clients.

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