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Fibertec’s Subsurface Department now offers Geotechnical field services. Our certified DH 103 Automatic Drop Hammer allows us to obtain representative soil samples using standard penetration testing (ASTM 1586) via 2” split spoon sampler, 2.25” hollow stem augers or 3.25” hollow drive rods. We are also able to provide thin walled shelby tube (ASTM D1587) collection to recover undisturbed soil samples suitable for laboratory testing of engineering properties, such as strength, compressibility and density.


Our field staff is also able to classify, log and collect soils for engineering purposes (ASTM D 2487 & 2488) using the Unified Soil Classification System (USCS). We can provide clients with a hand written or typed geotechnical soil boring log that details blow counts, soil type and description, water levelmeasurements, and pocket penetrometer readings.

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