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For almost 30 years, Fibertec has built a unique portfolio of services designed to help environmental consultants deal with contaminated property. We now offer a broad selection of Environmental Contracting Services that our environmental consultant clients use on a routine basis. With the addition of seasoned environmental managers, we have over 30 years of experience in the environmental contracting services arena.

These services include storage tank removals; exploratory and contaminated soil excavation; transportation, disposal and backfilling of excavation areas. We can also provide small scale demolition services, site clearing, grading, sub grade installation, drum transportation and disposal services. We can provide many other services as well; just call the Brighton, MI office and ask for a contractor services representative to see if we can help you with your specialized needs.

The Fibertec Environmental Contracting Department’s goal is to provide the type of service that used to be commonplace in the industry, where the customer was important and not just another number. We take pride on building long term business relationships and offering services that meet your needs.

With the addition of this newest service, we continue to reduce the time and expense of environmental consulting firm clients, by giving them fewer calls to make, and fewer contracts to manage.

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