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Our two air vacuum exavacation systems allow us to help our clients maximize profits by eliminating costly utility accidents. We locate utilities quickly and accurately, delivering high-pressure supersonic air through a special nozzle (offers 220 psi at 300 cfm), filling the cracks and crevices in the soil until it explodes from the pressure within for easy vacuuming and later backfilling with the same dry spoils. There is even water on board as a backup. We can open a precise 12" x 12" x 5' hole in an average of about 7 minutes. This dry excavation system means we don't have to use high pressure water, which is not only dangerous to operators because it is conductive but is also capable of cutting the utility.

The vacuum tank has a capacity of 450 gallons (~2.25 yards) and 15" mercury vacuum through a 4" hose. This unit is the superior alternative to hand augering. This unit is capable of installing wells in utility corridors or next to pump islands.

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